©2019 by Laura Patricia Most. 

You're Ready For The Next Step? 

well then, let's celebrate your love! 

And start together in the best day of your life. 

We tend to concentrate on the big things, 

but at the end of the day,

it's always about the small things, that matter in our life and that make it worth living. 

On your wedding day it is also the little moments and lovely details, that you will keep in mind. 

So why don't catch them for everyone within a picture?

The person behind the picture. 

The emotions. 

And all those persons, that make your day special. 

- That's what matters for me. 

Hey Lovebirds, 

About My Workflow

I am a huge fan of snapshots, 

they are 100% honest and show you true emotions 

and real people. 

That says a lot about my kind of work,

I am not the type of photographer that will give you commands on where to put your hands or where to look. 

I believe that you can only find yourself in a picture, 

when you try to be as normal as possible. 

However: Enjoy being infront of a camera! Show the world who and how happy you are!